Very close to Ao-no-Domon,
the sightseeing spot in Yabakei, Kyushu.
A Japanese restaurant and souvenir shop
located near the river

Kanmidokoro Zenkaichaya is right in front of the soaring rocky mountain of Kyoshuho and Ao-no-Domon (Carved Tunnel of Ao), which was carved by hand in the Edo period. Please enjoy a peaceful, relaxing time in Yabakei, the sightseeing spot in Kyushu that was designated as a Japan Heritage.

Takeout of Japanese confections

By all means, please bring Japanese confections with you when you go sightseeing around Yabakei. Koikogarete with moist dough, soybean flour- and tea-flavored Dango, and Zenkai Manju filled with sweet potato and adzuki bean paste are available for takeout with no minimum order.


Zenkai Manju


Tea-flavored Dango/
Soybean Flour-flavored Dango




  • Souvenir sales 9:00-17:00 / In the winter, the hours are 10:00-16:00

  • Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays (Excluding holidays)

The Zenkaichaya souvenir shop insists on Japanese hand work and materials and offers artisanal pottery, small Japanese items, Japanese miscellaneous goods, popular Oita shiitake mushrooms and condiments, confections, and sake. By all means, please stop by to finish your visit to Yabakei.

Ao-no-Domon Japanese Confection Koikogarete

Yaba Bijin Rice/Barley Shochu

Soba Manju (Buckwheat Steamed Bun) with Buckwheat Flour from Yabakei

Ocha Manju with tea from Yabakei


Dried Oita Shiitake Mushrooms

Country Style Unrefined Miso/Yuzu Kosho

Shrine Chopsticks

Japanese Miscellaneous Goods/Small Japanese Fabric Goods

Usukiyaki, Japanese artisanal pottery


Kanmidokoro Zenkaichaya is right next to Ao-no-Domon and Yabakei Bridge.

By airplane and car Tokyo: 4 hours, Osaka: 3.5 hours
By car from the city center Fukuoka: 1.5 hours, Nakatsu: 30 minutes, Beppu: 1 hour
By car from the airport Oita Airport: 1 hour, Kitakyushu Airport: 1 hour

Accessible design (slopes and handicap bathrooms)
All credit cards accepted/Cashless payments/Free Wi-Fi
Free public parking lot with 50 spaces (large automobiles allowed)

It opened in 2016 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Yabakei being selected as one of the New Three Views of Japan.

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